How it works. Buying,selling,trading:


In order to start selling, you must register or login and press on "Add listing". 

The search bar will open and you will type a game you wish to sell from. Example "Lineage II" after you type your game of interest in the search bar. The search bar will offer you options to sell services, items, in-game currency, etc.. Pick your interest, and you will be directed to fill the sales form, and it's simple as that.


In order to start buying, you must register or login and select listings that interest you.

There are 2 types of transactions available. Paypal buyers protection and friends and family options. Verified sales that go through our website have a small verified image that looks like this:  .

Payments that go through our website as part of middleman service offer refund policy. However, we allow sellers to sell around us as well as using friends and family method. This is a direct sale between buyer and seller and mmostore is not held responsible for these type of trades.


You can set a trade between 2 sellers, such as trading one games services for other games services, or even same game different type of services. You can add the payment difference as well.

For Example : Trading Lineage II in-game currency for World of Warcraft in-game currency and demanding 2 euros more or offering 2 euros more or even trade.


Communication between buyer and seller:

Once the buyer offer to buy a service seller will receive a message. Also, a buyer can offer his own price if he doesn't like the seller's price on which the seller has the right to decline or accept the offer of a buyer. If and when the seller accepts the offer for an agreed amount depending on the method of buying/selling selected there are 2 options.

1.) If you bought/sold using friends and family, buyer and seller agree via messages how they will complete the transaction.

2.)If you bought/sold using Paypal buyers protection, a buyer is prompted Paypal checkout window where he pays the full amount requested. The money is received by mmostore where it is held as part of middle man service. The seller is informed in the message and notification that the buyer has paid, and has to deliver requested goods to the buyer. Once the goods are obtained by the buyer he can then leave a review that everything went fine and the seller receives his money on his account automatically after a positive review from the buyer.